Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair

We offer Free Estimates on roof repairs for Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, and Insurance Claims.

Every home needs a roof repair from time to time. We specialize in locating the problem to catch roof leaks in the early stages before your home gets beat up with widespread water damage. Our roofers are accustomed to handling emergency roof repairs on the spot with a solution we guarantee.

My Leaky Roof is Not that Bad, I'll have the Roof Repairs done Another Time...Big Mistake!

It would be great to think we could have a total roof replacement and never have to give the roof another thought. Unfortunately, a roof begins to break down the moment it is installed. The UV rays from the sun, the wind, rain, snow and hail all take their toll on the roofing materials used to construct your roof.

The words “fix roof” should never come off your To Do list! One tiny roof leak left unattended is enough to breach the waterproof seal on your home and leave it wide open to water damage. Once moisture gets inside, mildew, rot and mold weaken the structure of your home.

The most common roof issues are listed below.
  • Raccoon or Squirrel Damage
  • Valley Leaking
  • Roof to Wall Flashing Leaks
  • Chimney Leaks (Flashing)
  • Downspout Excessive Wear
  • Wind Damage
  • Lack of Maintenance
Here is a sample of a repair that was identified and completed recently.
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call 708.646.3656 and make an appointment for your Free Estimates.
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