Residential Tear Offs

Roof tear-offs are important to discover hidden damage that is not visible from an attic inspection or in some cases where there is no attic space; a visual inspection from the outside may produce some history of the structure that needs immediate attention. Also, most communities only allow for two (2) layers of shingles, which may necessitate a tear-off. Removing the old existing layer(s) of shingles will give the new roof a smoother surface for the shingles to lay flatter and potentially last longer.

If A Abel Roofing is a company located in the south suburbs of Chicago who sees when a roof tear-off is necessary, damaged roof boards or plywood decking will be found and replaced as necessary. An ice shield barrier is applied directly to the decking to help reduce the costly damages caused by ice dams.

Here is the process of a residential tear off:

* Tear off roof to existing decking to replace any broken or rotted wood
* Ice & Water shield is used on all gutter edges, walls, valleys and chimneys
* 30 pound felt paper is used to cover rest of decking
* The majority of our jobs we install the best shingles from Owen Corning Oakridge or Duration (We can install any type of shingle the homeowner specifies)
* Roof top delivery of the shingles from our supplier.(as seen in the picture above)
* Always remove and replace chimney flashing
* 10 Year Labor Guarantee
* We clean up the property throughout the entire process of the install and run magnets to ensure no nails are left behind.
* Removal of debris is done with one or both dump trucks (which are smaller in size to prevent damage to the driveway)

To discuss the option of a roof tear-off for your home, contact Jeff Abel at A Abel Roofing, Inc., and receive a Free Estimate on your residential roofing needs.
We'll be happy to answer any questions you have
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